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We have deep expertise and trusted partnerships with some of today’s most innovative technology companies.

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The benefits of partnering with Shaw/Scott

We bring a wide breadth of cross—industry expertise.

We're digital marketing experts specializing in B2C, retail, travel, finance, and tech verticals. When we look at your solution, we'll look through a lens sharpened by decades of experience.

We put in the time to become experts in your solution.

We'll invest in learning your solution, so we can communicate and execute with authority—and so we can connect the dots with other technical solutions.

We empower your customers and make sure they're happy.

We'll help boost retention and satisfaction by making sure your customers know how to implement your solution successfully—and that they have a roadmap they can build on.

We succeed together.

Shaw/Scott does not re-sell or "take cuts" from our partners. Rather, our revenue comes through partner-specific service solutions and broader long-term services support. We're in this together.

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