Increasing personalisation is a top priority for many marketers this year. Knowing what to do and how to do it can be a challenge, but the payoff can be significant.

Our strategic consultants have vast experience in creating personalisation strategies proven to achieve valuable insights and a rewarding ROI. Join us for a consulting session to learn how to apply these strategies to your brand.

Brands that deliver personalisation initiatives can achieve:

+ 200% open rates


5x-8x ROI


Introducing our new personalisation consulting sessions

These sessions are designed to help you gain a strong understanding of personalisation strategies across both email and website channels.

Intro to Personalisation

What we'll cover:

/ The theory of personalisation

/ Personalisation strategy

/ Inspiration from leading brands

/ Actionable takeaways

/ Technology enablement overview

Personalisation Deep Dive

What we'll cover:

/ Everything from Intro to Personalisation

/ Discovery session

/ 3 bespoke use cases

/ Blueprint documentation

Learn more about our personalisation offerings

Download our Personalisation Consultancy Sessions Guide to learn more about the services available to help you meet your needs.